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By now, you should know that car details are professional cleaning services that thoroughly clean the car, generally inside and out, although services can differ from one detailer to the other. Regardless, you’re here today wondering if their cleaning jobs include scratches or stain removals. That’s expected, simply because many people may believe that scratch and stain removers are a job of cleaning, but the reality is that it usually is not.

Today, let’s talk about car detailing and whether or not it addresses scratches, among other things:

Do Car Detailers Remove Scratches?

You probably think that this is a ridiculous question, but you’d be surprised to know that it isn’t. That’s because a scratch, which is a physical mark on the paint, is one of the most common car problems. It’s also one of the most annoying and devastating, especially for anyone who appreciates their car.

Now, as to whether a detailer will remove them for you, that will depend on them. Some detailers may not offer the service as part of the standard package, while some will. Regardless, if you ask your detailer for it, then they will do it. These detailers, while charging you extra for the scratch removal job, will thoroughly remove the scratches in the car without putting your car at risk of unnecessary damage. This also applies to stains, where you will finally receive your car stain and scratch-free, making it look brand new!

Do Other Normal Cleaning Services Do This?

Places like car washes do not address scratches. Why is this? This is because car washes mainly do just washing. Removing scratches isn’t exactly washing, as it is a physical defect of the paint. Washing is all about removing dirt, and scratches aren’t dirt.

So, if you want to have your car scratches removed, always reach out to a professional detailer. They can do the job perfectly.

How Do I Avoid Or Remove Scratches By Myself?

The best way to remove scratches is to avoid scratching from happening in the first place. There are a few things you can do to avoid scratches, such as keeping your car in a garage because a garage will protect your car from being hit by a lot of things, including stones, dirt, and whatever might scratch your car.

If you can’t afford a garage, then you can try to park in a safe area. This means away from traffic areas, where there are a lot of other cars. If you get your car scratched there, it’s because you didn’t park in a safe area. Another way to protect your car from scratches is to get it waxed or have a plastic paint protection film done on your car. Also, covering your car overnight is a good idea.

Now, when it comes to removing the scratches, it depends on how severe the scratching is. Light scratches can be removed with the use of toothpaste and a cotton swab, applying a bit of the paste on the scratch and rubbing it gently. For moderate scratches, a scratch-removal product is a must-use. Finally, for deep scratches, you will need to sand, clean, fill, prime, and paint them. Due to the complexity of the job, this is better left to the professionals!


So, there you have it, a clear and straightforward answer to whether or not a car detailer can remove scratches. As you can see, they can, and they are a better alternative than the DIY methods. So, give your car the details it deserves, and it will look brand new again, leaving you prouder than ever to drive your beloved vehicle.

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