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About us

Yellow Star has years of experience in the auto industry that encourages us at offering the best car detailing and cleaning solutions. Our wide array of services is led by our team which has a broad knowledge of mobile auto detailing and car cleaning in Delta, Vancouver. We have the expertise to cater to any type of vehicle such as cars, trucks and boats. We offer great services at the customer’s location without compromising on quality.

Why Yellow Star?

We keep cleanliness and professionalism as our prime focuses while delivering solutions. Car cleaning is considered to be an ignorable task but we make it easier and low-cost.

We also focus on the safety of our team, customers sas well as the environment and to appreciate all of them, we use biodegradable organic products for car detailing and washing in place of using unsafe & harmful chemicals for the same job.

Travelling in a clean car eliminates health hazards caused by microorganisms. Hence, our purpose is to make travelling safe health-wise.

Our Commitment

Yellow Star has one rule: Never make promises that you can’t deliver. That’s why we make promises that we can deliver. With us by your side, you no longer have to worry about your vehicle’s safety. No matter the number of cars we do, our team makes sure that for all the services we offer limitless efforts so that the next time you come, you bring along another member to our Yellow Star club.