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Mobile Car Detailing & Wash in Burnaby

Yellow Star offers all-inclusive car detailing services that includes everything you need to keep your car clean and smelling fresh. Our team works quickly and efficiently to clean all vehicle’s surfaces at you location giving the best possible treatment with our car detailing in Burnaby.

    Shine with Yellow Star’s Car Detailing Burnaby Services

    Yellow Star is one of the most trusted car wash companies offering car wash and car detailing in Burnaby. Not only Burnaby, we work in different locations in British Columbia including New Westminster, Surrey, Delta, Vancouver, and Richmond. We are the choice of thousands of Canadians from last 10+ years. Our team offers services on a wide spectrum including car wash in Burnaby and is expert in providing car detailing in Burnaby.  For our car wash in Burnaby, we only use top-notch tools and cleaning agents to guarantee the finest results for your cars. Any type of vehicle, including automobiles, trucks, sedans, sports cars, antique cars, etc., can be serviced by our qualified technicians.

    We are aware that your vehicle is an investment. So, we work hard to ensure that your schedule is open while we make your car looks its best. Your experience with our auto detailing in Burnaby will be as convenient as possible thanks to our flexible scheduling choices, hand car wash in Burnaby, and several payment options. We promise to be on time for car detailing in Burnaby and to do all tasks at fair prices. We will keep working on your vehicle till you are satisfied with the results. Whether you call us or make a reservation online, you can rely on us to provide you with the same high calibre of customer care. Look no further if you need a dependable mobile vehicle service company.

    Yellow Star and It’s Star Car detailing Burnaby Services

    Don’t have the time to visit a car wash in Burnaby? Make an appointment for car detailing in Burnaby by calling us or typing “car detailing Burnaby” or “car detailing New Westminster” into the search bar on Google and we will be on the top. There is a wide range of services offered by our professionals using chemical-free and eco-friendly materials. Some of them are listed below.


    Mobile Car Wash

    Yellow Star car detailing in Burnaby is your go-to car washing and detailing company, whether you’re a time-constrained person with a busy schedule, someone who demands perfection, or just a person who wants to keep their car looking and feeling wonderful. Our mobile car wash in Burnaby is efficient for individuals who are too busy to visit local washes. So, we help you save your time and money by having our qualified specialists to your preferred location. Discover and experience the difference with our premium services.

    Hand Wash Services

    Every service available at Yellow Star, such as hand car wash Burnaby and car detailing in Burnaby, is offered to go beyond your expectations. Hand wash services results in more thorough washing, hand drying, and attention to even the tiniest details on the car. With our auto detailing and car washing Burnaby services, we have you covered. To suit your particular requirements, we also provide mobile car detailing in Burnaby for almost all models of cars, including hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, trucks, and high-end vehicles.

    Automated Car Wash

    The greatest car detailing in Burnaby is offered by Yellow Star, renowned for its unmatched customer service, precise attention to detail, and dedication to ecologically friendly procedures. Your vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned by our automated car wash’s high-tech machinery, which uses brushes, high-pressure water jets, and cleaning chemicals. We also provide other services like tyre cleaning, undercarriage washing, and waxing at competitive prices and using eco-friendly materials. Contact us right away!

    Why Yellow Star is Best Option for Car Detailing Burnaby?

    Complete Vehicle Care

    Yellow Star provides quality services of car washing and detailing in Burnaby, catering to various needs and budgets, including exterior and interior cleaning, paint correction, polishing, and waxing.

    Customer-centered Services

    Utilizing cutting-edge techniques, tools, and materials, our team of trained and talented professionals provides thorough and full car washing and car detailing in Burnaby.

    Trusted and Reliable

    Yellow Star is known for providing dependable and trustworthy automobile washing and car detailing in Burnaby. They have gained a reputation for their expertise, and dedication to client satisfaction.

    Worth The Money

    Yellow Star is aware that maintaining a vehicle is necessary but may be expensive. Our best service of car detailing in Burnaby is offered by our qualified staff at a reasonable price.

    Convenient and Efficient

    We provide effective and practical service of car detailing in Burnaby as a result. You can expect a hassle-free automobile detailing service from our team of professionals when they arrive at your place.

    Eco-friendly Services

    Our dedication to sustainability means that our detailing services are safe for the environment as well as for vehicle, ensuring that you get the greatest care while being environmentally responsible.

    Yellow Star’s Car Detailing Burnaby VS Local Car Wash Burnaby

    • By selecting our auto detailing service, you go above the level of simple car washing offered by local car wash in Burnaby.

      • Car detailing Burnaby strongly emphasizes client convenience by offering on-demand services that make car detailing quick and simple, unlike local car wash in Burnaby.
      • Unlike local washers, who occasionally only provide basic services, our car detailing in Burnaby involves a high level of attention to detail, raising the market worth of your vehicle.
      • Car detailing Burnaby offers full auto detailing services like vacuuming, dusting, and more to ensure a healthy, clean, and odorless automobile in comparison to local car washes.
      • Burnaby’s local car washes can use harsh cleaning products that could harm the environment, but we only use chemical-free materials for car detailing in Burnaby.
      • Our highly trained team will provide you with high-quality services that will prolong the life of your vehicle, in contrast to the short-staffed local car wash in Burnaby.
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    Yellow Star’s car detailing service in Burnaby offers different packages with varying prices. The cost depends on the specific package you choose and the size and condition of your vehicle.

    The duration of a car detailing service at Yellow Star depends on the size of your vehicle, the package chosen, and the condition of your car. Generally, a basic detailing service may take a few hours, while more extensive packages or additional services could require a full day.

    Yes, Yellow Star offers additional services to complement their car detailing packages. These may include services like paint correction, ceramic coating, headlight restoration, odor removal, engine cleaning, and more.

    Yes, Yellow Star accepts appointments for car detailing Burnaby services. It is advisable to schedule an appointment in advance to ensure availability, especially during busy periods.

    Yes, Yellow Star’s car wash and car detailing in Burnaby strive to accommodate special requests and specific needs whenever possible.