The Essential Microfiber Towel Arsenal from Policing to Drying for Flawless Results

The Essential Microfiber Towel Arsenal from Policing to Drying for Flawless Results

Tajinder Kalia

Ever wondered why there are so many different microfiber towels out there and what’s their role in car wash? Are some better than others? Well, it all depends on the task. In this guide, we will shed light on the concept of GSM (grams per square meter) and identify the right cloth for all your detailing needs.

Understanding GSM: 

It’s All About Weight

Thickness is to be forgotten; GSM defines a microfiber towel. This represents the weight of it measured in grams per square meter. A higher GSM indicates more liquid absorbance capacity by a denser towel. Now let’s take a dive into types of these and their respective ideal ranges of GSM:

Low Profile Towels (280-320 GSM)

These thin, light clothes have precision written all over them. They are great for:

A man showing how to use seude cloth towel to clean a car surface | Yellow star

Suede microfiber cloth (280-320 GSM): 

These are lint-free and dense, making them perfect for application or removal of ceramic coatings as well as use on windows but lower gsm may require squeezing several times.

Waffle Weave Towels (400-600 GSM):

Lintless, edgeless, and surprisingly absorbent thanks to slightly higher grams per square meter make these fibers truly universal ones. They can be used for buffing paint off during the machine polishing process or removing waxes and polishes from surfaces made from leather while simultaneously wiping down other surfaces both within or without your vehicle.

Glass Microfiber (350-400 GSM):

Window cleaning warriors! They have a higher GSM to absorb more liquid and cut down on streaks. They can also be used without a cleaning solution.

Other Low Profile Weaves (300-400 GSM): 

These weaves are great for removing polishes, waxes and other cleaning products – ‘grabbers’.

The Plush Fuzzies (350-500 GSM)

These are soft, edgeless towels that love cuddles. There are many ways to use them:

350 GSM Fuzzies:

These are the everyday polishing and buffing buddies. Anything that needs gently wiped away from your paint like detail sprays, polish or wax.

500 GSM Fuzzies: 

The big guns! Waterless washes? Rinseless washes? Bird poop removal? Yes, they do it all. The longer fibres hold onto dirt particles better, so they don’t scratch your finish. It is possible to interchangeably use either 350 or 500 gsm towels, but the latter might feel clunky when performing quick detailing tasks.

The Drying Powerhouses (1000+ GSM)

These towels will absorb water in no time at all. What are the different types of drying cloth

Traditional Drying Towels (1000+ GSM): 

These towels are large and thick; they can take in a lot of water, allowing you to dry your entire vehicle without having to squeeze them. Though extremely luxurious, they might be a bit difficult to handle due to their heaviness.

Twisted Loop Drying Towels (1000+ GSM):

They have the same make as normal towels but a twisted loop weave. The texture is not that soft; however, it allows for better air movement, which stops the towelette from adhering to the wet paintwork.

Hybrid Drying Towels (1000+ GSM):

These are similar to traditional towels except that they also incorporate twisted loops into their design. Furthermore, their GSM has been reduced slightly, making them less bulky.

Waffle Weave Drying Towels (450-600 GSM):

These ones have fine levels of absorbency and are highly maneuverable. Additionally, because they are thin, these types can easily be squeezed out and moved while drying car surfaces.

Caring for Your Microfiber Menagerie

So now that you have got yourself covered with the best cloth for any occasion, here is how you ensure they remain happy cleaning for years on end:-

Skip the Fabric Softener and Heat: As microfiber essentially constitutes plastic material then heating would destroy its fibers thereby impairing its ability to work efficiently. Instead use a gentle detergent plus warm water when washing them.

Car cleansing Towel | A man cleaning car with a microfiber towel


At Yellow Star, we practice working with the right tools. Our microfiber towelette adept detailers and a variety of quality car care products (which can be bought in our studios) bring about amazing results. While some may need a quick car wash, others might prefer to have their vehicle thoroughly detailed or even get it pressure washed; not using special equipment but rather microfiber towels! We at Yellow Star are well-equipped and experienced in this field.

Therefore, forget about the automated car wash that probably uses harsh chemicals and welcome into your life the use of microfiber with an extreme attention to details brought to you by Yellow Star.


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