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If you want a thorough overall car cleaning, you will need an auto detailing session because a car wash alone is not enough. The car will look and feel better than ever after completing a multi-step process. 

Cars look better than new after detailing. Even cars that have just left the showroom should ideally go through a comprehensive detail. You might find patches that were overlooked or swirl marks in the paint because car dealerships aren’t often the most skilled detailers.

The best approach to preserve your car’s finish and give it a recognizable sheen is to detail it. The interior and exterior of the vehicle will be spotless. There won’t be a single particle of dust, smudge, or fingerprint anywhere to be found, including in the crevices of your car.

But you’re undoubtedly curious about how long detailing a car takes before committing to this time-consuming cleaning procedure. 

How Long a Professional Takes to Detail a Car

The duration of car detailing varies, so there is no definitive response to this question. The price varies depending on whether you work with a pro or do the detailing yourself. However, a few external factors to the vehicle itself also have a role.

You could opt to engage a professional detailer because detailing is a labor-intensive task. Depending on the detailer, you frequently leave your car in their garage for at least a few days, or they may come to you with their tools.

Typically, a skilled auto detailer would work on your automobile for two days to a week. They’ll have more time to check that everything is immaculate this way. But most detailers offer a new car detail for brand-new autos that only takes a few days.

Parts of your car that you probably hadn’t considered cleaning previously will be cleaned by professional detailers. No area of your automobile will be neglected, including the headliner, vents, and tires. This is the reason the procedure can take a week.

The timeline for car detailing is impacted by certain factors. The length of the car detailing process will vary depending on the needs of each vehicle. 

Below is a list of factors affecting the duration of a typical car detailing session.

Size of Your Vehicle

The bigger your car is, the longer it will take to do a full detail. Simply said, there is more inside and outside to clean.

How Dirty Your Car Is

It will take longer to restore a car to showroom condition the dirtier it is. However, no automobile is too dirty for a detail, which is good news.

It will simply take a few hours longer to detail a car if the interior has accumulated trash and hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned.

Your Vehicle’s Age

A new car detail will take considerably less time than an old car detail because age and dirtiness frequently go hand in hand. While older automobiles can take a little longer, complete new car details typically just take a few days.

Materials Used to Build Your Car

The time needed for detailing can be slightly impacted by the materials used to build the car. For instance, detailing a car with leather upholstery may be quicker than one with fabric upholstery. The reason for this is simple: Some materials are simpler to clean than others.


Your automobile will feel clean and crisp for several months after having been detailed—providing it’s maintained in a comparatively clean state. But it’s best to give your car a full detail every six months or so to keep it in good shape. You can detail your automobile as frequently as you desire because it won’t affect it in any way.

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