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Have you ever noticed how spotless your automobile is inside and out when you pick it up from the accident repair shop? This is because body shop pros know how to keep your vehicle looking new while safeguarding its inside and exterior. 

Many auto body shops offer in-house detailing services. However, would detailing your vehicle increase its value? 

In this article, we will answer whether auto detailing can increase the value of your car and how. 

How Does Detailing Take Care of Your Car?

All the exterior components of your car require regular maintenance. Your car’s exterior features include sheet metal, windows, tires, wheels, and paint. Proper detailing will restore the shine of all these components.

Professionals will use cleansers and specialized polishes to bring back the gloss to the paint. Several abrasive compounds and polishing products will be utilized to restore its look.

Moreover, professional detailers will also use waterless car wash products to clean and shine the tires to avoid any chemical damage.

How Does Auto Detailing Increase Your Car’s Value?

1. Removes Invisible Damage

Through auto detailing, your car’s exterior frame will be protected against the elements. Professionals will use specialized products to keep the paint looking new.

Your car’s interior will also be treated to remove dirt and stains. Professionals will use specialized cleaning products on your car’s interior to remove stains and restore the original appearance of the interior.

This way, dealers can sell their product as a new car even if it has a few miles. This is a great way to make an older car look new.

2. Enhances Driving Experience

When a car undergoes detailing, the interior becomes cleaner than ever before. You won’t smell the odour of old food when you enter your car. All the dirt, stains and germs will be removed to give you a better driving experience. 

When you drive your car, you’ll notice the difference in comfort as your seats will be free from scuff marks and the padding will be restored. These improvements and many more will improve your driving experience and add to the resale value of your car.

3. Improves Performance

Besides preserving your car’s look, detailers can also maintain your vehicle’s driving capacity, even after years of use. The engine bay of the car requires professional treatment. Professionals will clean this area. It will improve your vehicle’s performance by increasing engine airflow. 

4. Prevents Future Damage

The outside of your vehicle will be covered with a protective coat to prevent oxidation from the car’s exterior. This helps to keep the contaminants from entering the car’s interior. The body and wheels will be treated with an ultra-protectant coating. 

All these detailing works help prevent rust, oxidation, and peeling of the paint thus preventing future damage to the vehicle.


Professional detailing will help to make your car look new, which is important if you want to sell your vehicle in the future. Dealers will most likely pay a higher price if your vehicle has been detailed regularly. This is why it’s vital to have your vehicle maintained, inside and out, by reliable car detailers.

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