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Everyone knows what a carwash is— it’s where your car gets washed, right? The thing is, there’s more to washing cars than spraying the outside with a hose and using a vacuum in the interior. Sometimes, a car will need a little more attention than what you may be used to. 

Foremost is the underbody wash. After all, it’s the part of the car that you don’t get to see. It’s understandable how some car owners might think that they can do perfectly without these underbody washes but we’re here to tell you otherwise. 

In any vehicle, the area closest to the ground will be the dirtiest. That said, the kind of dirt you will find there is not the kind that will be easily removed. Asphalt, motor oil, and road debris are things that find ways to get stuck in hard-to-reach places under your car. 

Is It Safe?

In simple words— yes. As long as you bring your car to a credible car wash, you can expect an underbody wash to be as uneventful as any car wash. The only difference would be the amount of dirt you will find here. 

The important thing to make sure that your car is safe is to check if the carwash makes use of the right equipment. If they look like they’re struggling with the underbody wash, then they might not be the best place to have this done. 

What is the Right Way?

Professionals will have a range of tools and power equipment that they will use, not to mention the chemicals involved. For example, the bits of asphalt that get stuck to the bottom of your car can be removed with kerosene or similar substances. 

At home, you can probably do a few maintenance rounds once a month just to minimize the grim buildup underneath your car. Invest in a proper hose to help you get the job done and reach the different spaces underneath the vehicle. 

How Can I Tell I Need One?

It is important that you are able to tell when your vehicle needs cleaning. It’s perfectly manageable if you are able to set a regular schedule, that way you can plan around it and make sure you don’t have to rush anything. 

To check, make sure you have enough clear space around your car. With a flashlight, go through all the sides of your car and look around for signs of grim buildup and such. If you think that the buildup is at a point that it is becoming thick, then it might be time to get it washed.

What Do I Need To Do This At Home?

As we mentioned, this is a job that would normally be better off with the professionals. For those willing to sweat a little at home to get the job done, here are a few of the tools and equipment you might want to have around. 

  • Power Washer
  • Car Wash brush set
  • Suggested cleaning solution for your car
  • Buckets and rags


At the end of the day, it’s all about taking care of what you have. Sure, you might not immediately see the dirt and grime stuck under your car, but you’ll never know how this buildup could cause you problems in the future. Take the initiative and make sure you can maintain your vehicle right. 

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