Top 6 Ways to Maintain A Fresh and Good-Smelling Car

Top 6 Ways to Maintain A Fresh and Good-Smelling Car

Tajinder Kalia

We all enjoy the scent of a new automobile, but it might eventually start to wear off. You may take a few easy steps to maintain your automobile smelling new and fresh.

Who you are is reflected in your car. As the first thing, people notice when they meet you, keep it smelling and looking its best. 

Using various techniques, including internal and external car cleaning, wiping, and deodorizing, you can ensure that your car remains spotless and odor-free for years to come. 

Here are some ideas for freshening the smell of your car.

Find The Smell’s Origin

The first step is to identify the smell’s source. This might be anything from pet fur to spilled food or drink to cigarette smoke. 

Once you’ve identified the cause, you may start to remedy the problem. In some circumstances, the foul odor may get stronger over time due to misuse.

Further deep cleaning in Delta will be required to eliminate this buildup, but it’s important to pinpoint the problem’s source so you don’t overlook any trouble spots.

6 Ways How to Remove That Odor

There are several ways to eliminate bad smells in your car, including cleaning products made especially for cars or common household treatments like vinegar or baking soda. 

Certain cleaing methods will work noticeably better, depending on the odor.

Testing a tiny area initially is the simplest approach to deciding which eradication method you should employ. If you’re happy with the outcomes, apply the remedy to the foul odor that is still there.

1. Deodorize 

Another method to preserve your car from smelling like a new one is to deodorize it regularly. You may use a store-bought car freshener, spritz the inside with a homemade solution, or sprinkle baking soda bowls throughout the interior to deodorize your vehicle.

2. Clean the Interiors 

Cleaning your car’s interior will help remove any dirt, dust, or debris that might be generating an odor. 

Take special care to clean the seats, door panels, console, dash, and other surfaces. You may use a damp cloth, microfiber towel, or a professional cleaning solution designed especially for detailing vehicles to clean the inside.

3. Prevent Smells From Developing

If you could promise that any offensive odors won’t return after being eliminated, that would be helpful. This may be as simple as using air fresheners or keeping your automobile clean and free of clutter.

Activated charcoal is one item that absorbs scents and may help keep your automobile smelling fresher for a longer amount of time. Long-term odor avoidance will be essential to keep your car smelling excellent for a long time.

4. Tidy Seats

Washing the seats often is one of the best ways to keep your car’s interior clean. This will aid in removing any dirt, dust, or filth that may amass over time and generate smells.

Either manually scrub the seats with a cloth or brush, or use an upholstery-specific vacuum attachment. 

Just make sure to vacuum or brush the grain direction to prevent damaging the fabric. You may move on to cleaning the rest of your car once you’ve cleaned your seats effectively.

5. Wash Or Replace Couches and Rugs

The buildup of filth and dust in carpets and upholstery can produce unpleasant scents. Regular washing of your carpet and upholstery will help eliminate these scents and keep your car feeling fresh. 

You may buy a variety of commercial carpet and upholstery shampoos, but you can also create your own at home with some warm water and mild detergent.

6. Clean The Vents and Replace The Air Filters

The air vents in your automobile may circulate dirt and dust, which can lead to bad odors. Cleaning the vents regularly will help keep your car smelling fresh and eliminate bad odors.

You may either use a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner attachment with a soft brush to clean the vents. After cleaning the vents, replace the air filter immediately to help prevent odors from reappearing.


You can do key things to keep your car smelling brand new. First, make sure to regularly clean the interior of your car and vacuum the floors and seats. Secondly, avoid eating in your car and keep garbage and food wrappers out of the car. Finally, use air fresheners and scented car fresheners to keep the car smelling pleasant. You can maintain your automobile smelling new and fresh for a very long time by adhering to these suggestions. Of course, you can also hire exterior and interior cleaning in Delta to remove the hassle from your hands. 

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