What You Need to Know About Ozone Treatment for Cars

What You Need to Know About Ozone Treatment for Cars

Tajinder Kalia

If you’re having trouble getting the smoke smell out of your car, you can do a few things. You can try cleaning and scrubbing with baking soda or shampooing the fabric. Ozone treatment for vehicles can help remove these smells that can’t be washed away with regular cleaning.

Read more about ozone treatment for cars and how it’s done.

What Is Ozone Car Treatment? 

Ozone is a gas that eliminates terrible smells, viruses, and bacteria. When a car detailer uses ozone to clean a car, they keep an ozone generator in the car for a specific time. That gas neutralizes the bad smell and kills viruses and bacteria. That’s why ozone treatment is the most effective way to remove odours. 

As a gas, it can go inside the vents, under the seats, and into the corners and crannies, you can’t reach with other methods. It’s also the most popular way to remove cigarette smoke these days.

When Should You Get an Ozone Car Treatment?

If your car smells bad, there’s a good chance it’s because of tobacco smoke. Phenols, an unseen chemical in tobacco smoke, cause eye and respiratory tract irritation. Ozone treatment will completely oxidize any remaining phenol gas, effectively neutralizing the odour. The odour will not return as the molecules have been destroyed rather than masked or filtered.

How Do Car Detailers Use a Car Ozone Generator? 

You need to take a few steps to get rid of the smell of smoke in a car. The smell will intensify if you spill food or drink or have pets in the car. And if you don’t clean the area right away, the scent will become even worse. And of course, the smoke has its own smell that can give you a headache. So here are the steps car detailers use to eliminate the smell of smoke in a car.

  1. Remove all the dirt, dust, and debris when cleaning the car.
  2. Vacuum the inside and outside of the car.
  3. Make sure no humans or animals are inside the car.
  4. Use an ozone generator to clean the inside and outside of the car.
  5. Open all machine doors and allow the gas to escape.
  6. Leave the machine running for up to 120 minutes.
  7. If the machine still produces an unpleasant odour, repeat the steps.
  8. Wait at least one hour with all doors open before entering the car.
  9. The odour should have dissipated by this point. The ozone smell may linger for a little longer.

The Benefits of Ozone Car Treatment

Ozone is a powerful odour removal system that uses the air to attack smells. It uses oxygen to break down the molecules that create the odour, and it’s effective against odours from the body, pets, smoke, and mildew. It can also eliminate smells from spills, such as vomit, milk, body odour, urine, feces, and other substances that contain bacteria.

Ozone treatments are the most effective when the odour source is unreachable or behind a panel. Microorganisms get instantly destroyed by this treatment. This treatment oxidizes and kills the odour source. After this treatment, your car will smell fresh.


If you’re thinking of having your car detailer use an ozone generator, it’s a good decision. If you’re dealing with a cigarette smoke odour, you should get the ozone treatment. It’s very effective, and avoiding tobacco smoke is the best way to keep the smell away. Smokers should avoid smoking in the car when they know they will be there for more than two hours.

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